CRACH RECORDS Label Compilation 3 [CRRCS056]

CRACH RECORDS Label Compilation 3 - Artwork

Here it finally is. 20 tracks by 20 artists. From breakcore, drum&bass and digital hardcore to very experimental stuff. Free download as always. Have a listen in the player below and/or download it here: http://crachrecords.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/CRACH_RECORDS_Label_Compilation_3.zip


SCREENBEAST – Electric Guitar Study 1 [CRRCS048]


Sirko Drive’s noisy alter ego Screenbeast combined an electric guitar, some effect pedals and unorthodox playing techniques (involving knifes, magnets and screwdrivers) to create this experimental piece that tells all kinds of crazy stories. This release goes well with psychedelic drugs and closed eyelids.

DOWNLOAD: crachrecords.org/releases/SCREENBEAST_-_Electric_Guitar_Study_1.zip